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塞留斯 希爾菲斯 奇爾x安修 看板娘 天使...於天國某處 鹽澤先生....再見了 EVE ZERO
玲莎花 Lykier ......^^||| 水瀨名雪 杉本櫻子 玲音 迷之少女 龍一
乃繪美 junk pic 真宮寺 櫻 杉原真奈美 櫻瀨Chinami 小密的草圖
▲ OLD ▲
WELCOME to Mineko's Non-CG gallery.Please click the above pictures to obtain a larger image.

這兒存放了Mineko的草圖作品(不太完整 ^^|||),請各位隨便參觀。
歡迎閣下在 guestbook 寫下的意見,謝謝。

"CG BOX" is the store place of my sketch works(rough work only ^^|||).Please feel free to have a look.
If you have any opinion of my works,please don't hesitate to drop a few words for me in guestbook .Thank You.

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