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小言和小咒(2000 Oct) 送給您的禮物(2000 Oct) 風之族的悠閒下午(2000 May) 無論哪個月夜,也想保護妳(2000 May) Nakoruru (2000 Jan) 千影 (1999 Dec)
Happy Lunar New Year(2000 Feb) Nakoruru CWHK6 X'mas card02 CWHK6 X'mas card01 Dreamy Autumn 鳴川澄香 Start our Journey 神谷薰 by Mineko
神谷薰 by Mineko Nakoruru 自用的信紙 雪夜中的櫻子 by Mineko MULTI by 星姬 Star Ocean2 by Mineko Puyo Puyo by Mineko 神風怪盜JEANNE by Mineko 神岸明 by Mineko
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WELCOME to Mineko's Non-CG gallery.Please click the above pictures to obtain a larger image.

歡迎閣下在 guestbook 寫下的意見,謝謝。

"CG BOX" is the store place of my Non-CG works(poster colour works mainly).Please feel free to have a look.
If you have any opinion of my works,please don't hesitate to drop a few words for me in guestbook .Thank You.

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